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About Me

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I love Pandas, and I run Giant Panda Blog.

It’s a blog dedicated to giant pandas and their relatives, the lesser-known Red Pandas.

I like to write about what they eat, where they live, and most significantly, how cute and cuddly they look (which is often).

Pandas are cute. Point. Blank. Period.

They are fluffy balls of cuteness with wide eyes and lovable looks.

But pandas are not only cute but also fascinating animals to learn about.

I am a Panda enthusiast, and having just gotten a degree in Biology; I couldn’t resist writing an educational blog about our favorite endangered bears.

This is a fun way to learn more about pandas and share my knowledge with friends and other panda lovers.

My name is Tim. I mostly enjoy reading books (sci-fi) and watching movies (documentaries).

My best friend says that my life is like a rom-com movie because everything happens around me in this weird way that always seems to be funny.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles on my blog as much as I enjoy writing them.